District officials develop school safety plans in light of the past year

6 Dec


In light of recent school shootings, Monroe County Schools, along with many other schools nationwide, have been developing a plan in order to insure the safety of its students.

“You’ve got to be prepared for anything,” said Patrick Lefere, Executive Director of Operations and Planning Post-Sandy Hook, the district’s administration has been meeting with the Key West Police Department and local FBI agents in order to come up with the most effective plan to optimize student safety.

“The district is working on refining the plan for a shooter situation,” said Assistant Principal Dave Perkins. “There are so many different variables involved. We have to make sure we are covering everything.”

The KWPD used the high school over the summer to train for shooter situations as well as discharged weapons around campus to Continue reading

Superintendent has strong plans for second year in office

6 Dec


After his first year on the job, Superintendent Mark Porter has high expectations for this school year’s education and funding.

“Last year, I really was just implementing someone else’s plan. You can’t really do anything about that the first year. The second year of course is about me having a significant amount of leadership and influence over the plan for the year we are starting,” said Porter.

Porter believes this year is one of progress toward some of the long term goals. Continue reading

Snapper Staff 2013-2014

9 Oct

Elisabeth Rockteschel               Sydni S


This is Rockteschel’s fourth year on           This is Swanson’s third year on

the staff. the staff.                                         She is the editor-in-cheif of the snapper


Alexis                  Sabrina W

ALEXIS GIRARD D’ALBISSIN                             SABRINA WALSH

This is D’Albissin’s third                                      This is Walsh’s first year on

year on the staff. He is the features editor.       the staff. She is the opinions editor

and the buissness manager.



This is Kailian’s first year on the


Hannah Brown                       Luara Hall

HANNAH BROWN                                                  LAURA HALL

This is Brown’s second year on the                     This is Hall’s second year on the

staff.                                                                           staff.

Spencer Cook                      Rachel Spencer

SPENCER COOK                                                     RACHEL SPENCER

This is Cook’s second year on                             This is Spencer’s second year on the

the staff.                                                                  staff.

Shiloh                      Erika

SHILOH MCPHERSON                                          ERIKA PENA

This is McPherson’s first year on the                 This is Pena’s first year on the

staff.                                                                          staff.

Fionna                       Jesse

FIONA TENNYSON                                                  JESSE CHEUNG

This is Tennyson’s first year on the                      This is Cheung’s first year on the

staff.                                                                           staff.

Grace                      Kyle

GRACE BRODY                                                        KYLE CAMPBELL

This is Brody’s first year on                                   This is Campbell’s first year on the

the staff.                                                                    staff.

Sam G                        Jack

SAM GRAVELINE                                                       JACK BEHMKE

This is Graveline’s first year on the                        This is Behmke’s first year on the

staff.                                                                              staff.

Eric                        Andrew

ERIC RODRIGUEZ                                                     ANDREW HETU

This is Rodriguez’s first year on the                       This is Hetu’s first year on the

staff.                                                                               staff.


Sports 2013

3 Jun

The Diary of a Frat Star

3 Jun

A letter from Roderick Gill ・e12, about why you should join Greek Life

I could not be happier when I chose to attend The University of Georgia, easily the second best decision of my life, but the first best decision was, without a doubt, joining a fraternity. College is a very important time in everyone’s life; it is a time full of experiences that you will spend the rest of your life reminiscing on, a time to decide who you really are, the most relevant time to set up a strong foundation for the rest of your life.

Joining a fraternity provides you with endless opportunities to improve your life in literally every aspect, be it academically, socially, and most importantly, your future.

A concern of many people is that their academics will suffer from joining a fraternity. Well, the average GPA for people that go Greek is higher than people who do not.

By joining a fraternity, you will greatly mature, quickly understand how important it is to be responsible, and learn that accountability is fundamental to all commitments.  It takes every single person’s passionate efforts to make the fraternity as best as possible, and watching how your efforts directly improve the fraternity is phenomenal.

Another point that I learned: Like many things in life, you get out what you put in. This directly applies to joining a fraternity. Every great experience I’ve had in my first year of college has been related somehow to joining a fraternity.

There are so many opportunities for leadership positions in a frat. Whatever role you play, you will learn organization, time management, and how to successfully lead a group of your peers. These leadership positions are not only great resume boosters, but also gateways to other leadership positions because of the experience you have with Greek headship.

Everything you do in college has an effect on your future. Most people go to college to improve their future; it is definitely a major investment in your future, so why not contribute a little more to this investment and in return be provided with endless opportunities to succeed?

By joining a fraternity, you are presented with endless opportunities to succeed in the future that you are so unaware are even possible without joining a fraternity.  Greek alumni can be found at almost every business around the country.

Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by fraternity men.” “85% of the Fortune 500 executives are alumni of a fraternity.” You may be able to find a connection in an organization, and with that connection, you could land your dream job.By joining a fraternity, you are granted with so many more great opportunities, and I can promise you a much better college experience.

Even though there are a lot of negative ideas about joining a fraternity, you should at least give it a shot, a real fraternity man try, and see if Greek life is for you.


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